The Seventh-day Adventist Church is a major Christian denomination with a significant presence in Nigeria. We worship on Saturdays, not for personal reasons but Biblical, which are founded in the scriptures and dates back to creation. We believe that Sabbath is a Holy Day and should not be used for any personal, civil, or public business.


The church in Nigeria began in 1914 by a Missionary, David C. Babcock after coming from a mission in Sierra Leone.

Babcock’s family was accompanied by two Sierra Leonian workers. They were R.P Dauphin and S. Morgue. After arriving in Nigeria, Babcock left his family in Lagos and embarked on a tour of the hinterland. His tour took him as far as Jebba, on the Niger River. Babcock eventually selected a mission site at Lalupon, 16 miles north of Ibadan area. Hence, Babcock’s family became the first Missionary family to establish the Seventh-Day Adventist church in Nigeria and since its establishment in 1914; the church has made significant progress. Early conversions made at Erunmu were possible through preaching and the establishment of schools

Babcock learned the Yoruba language in less than 5 months in order to preach the gospel. Babcock University was named after him. He pioneered the work of the Adventist Church in Nigeria in 1914. He was based in Erunmu in Oyo State, Nigeria.

In 2014, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Nigeria celebrated 100 years of active proclamation of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ through her pulpits in churches and public campaigns; educational institutions, health and welfare institution,
Nigeria has a population of more than 180 million people, making it the most populous country in Africa. About 278,000 Adventists live in Nigeria. That’s about one Adventist for every 612 persons.

The church has contributed to the growth of the nation, especially in the educational and medical fields. It also shares the truth of the gospel to a countless number of people through rural and urban evangelism. Adventists are very loving people who care for the environment, promote healthy practices and help those in need. They hold on to scripture as the only basis of truth.

Nigeria has many Adventist primary and secondary schools as well as Babcock University and Clifford University, which has more than 20,000 students.

There are 3 Unions in Nigeria
-Eastern Nigeria Union Conference
-Northern Nigeria Union Conference
-Western Nigeria Union Conference

Eastern Nigeria Union Conference
Aba East Conference
Aba North Conference
Aba South Conference
Abia North-Central Conference
Akwa Ibom Conference
Anambra Mission
Bayelsa Mission
Cross River Conference
Ebonyi Conference
Enugu Conference
Imo Conference
Port Harcourt Conference
Rivers East Conference
Rivers West Conference

Northern Nigeria Union Conference
North Central Nigeria Conference
North East Nigeria Conference
North West Nigeria Conference

Western Nigeria Union Conference
Delta Conference
Edo Conference
Ekiti Conference
Kogi Region
Kwara Conference
Lagos Atlantic Conference
Lagos Mainland Conference
Ogun Conference
Ondo Mission
Osun Conference
Oyo Conference