Sermon: Parenting with Purpose

Sermon: Parenting with Purpose


Let us look at something really important, Parenting with Purpose. Helping Kids Grow Up Happy.” It’s like having a special job to make sure our kids grow up well and happy. Let us look about why this is so important and what we can do to be great parents.

Guiding Our Kids

Being a good parent means more than just taking care of our kids’ basic needs. It means helping them become good people and guiding them through life. Saying: “Teach your kids the right way to go, and when they’re older, they’ll still follow it.” – Proverbs 22:6

Instilling Core Values

We can be great parents by teaching our kids important values, like being kind, honest, and respectful. These values become like a strong foundation for their lives. Saying: “Talk to your kids about good things and always show them what’s right.” – Deuteronomy 6:6-7

Leading by Example

Our kids learn a lot by watching what we do. So, being a good example is super important. If we want them to be kind and honest, we should be too. Saying: “Be a good example for your kids, just like how I try to be like Jesus.” – 1 Corinthians 11:1

Open Communication

Good communication is key to being a good parent. Talking and listening to our kids helps us understand what they’re going through and gives them the support they need. Saying: “Speak only good words and encourage your kids, so they feel loved.” – Ephesians 4:29

Balancing Firmness with Love

Being Firm and Loving: We need to find the right balance between being firm and showing love. Discipline is important, but it should come from a place of caring, not just punishment. Saying: “Correct your kids when needed, but always do it with love.” – Proverbs 13:24

Growing Together Spiritually

Helping our kids grow spiritually means introducing them to important spiritual ideas and being there to guide them in their faith journey. Saying: “Share stories about God’s greatness with your kids, so they know about His wonders.” – Psalm 78:4


So, being a good parent is like having a special job of helping our kids grow up happy. As we take care of them, teach important values, show by doing, talk and listen, balance firmness with love, and help them grow spiritually, we’re doing a great job! Let’s be the best parents we can be, with love and guidance from above. Amen.

Sermon: Reflecting God’s Love in Our Lives

Sermon: Parenting with Purpose

Reflecting God’s Love in Our Lives


Let us talk about something really special “Showing Love: Be a Light in the World.” It’s like being a mirror that reflects the love we get from God. Let’s see why this is important and how it can make our lives and the world better.

Where Love Comes From

Love comes from God. He loves us a lot, and His love is big and never-ending. When we understand how much God loves us, we can share that love with others.

Bible Verse: “God is love, so if we know Him, we can love others too.” – 1 John 4:7-8

Sharing God’s Love with Friends

In our families and with our friends, we can show God’s love by being kind, forgiving, and helping each other. When we love the way God loves us, it shows that we follow Jesus.

Bible Verse: “Jesus says we should love others just like He loves us. When we do that, people will know we are His friends.” – John 13:34-35

Doing Things to Help Others

Love is not just words; it’s also doing things to help. When we help others without expecting anything back, we show God’s love in action. Jesus showed love by helping, and we can do the same.

Bible Verse: “God wants us to help each other. When we do, it’s like we’re showing love to Him.” – Galatians 5:13

Loving Even When Things Are Hard

Sometimes, things get tough, and people might not be nice. But God’s love helps us respond with love, even when it’s hard. When we choose love over being upset, it’s like a bright light in the dark.

Bible Verse: “When things are tough, we can choose to be kind and show love. That’s how we beat the bad things with good.” – Romans 12:21

Saying Sorry and Forgiving

Sometimes, we make mistakes, and so do others. Saying sorry and forgiving is like showing God’s love. Just like God forgives us, we can forgive others. It’s a way to make things better.

Bible Verse: “Forgiving others is like giving them a second chance. God forgives us, and we can do the same for others.” – Ephesians 4:32

Showing Love in Everything We Do: Our actions, words, and how we treat others show God’s love. It’s not just talking about love; it’s doing things that show we really care. When we do this, we become a light that shines God’s love for everyone to see.


Let’s remember to be like mirrors, reflecting God’s love in everything we do. When we understand where love comes from, share it with our friends and family, help others, love even when it’s hard, say sorry and forgive, and show love in everything we do, we become lights in the world. Through our actions, we can make the world a better and brighter place. Amen.

Sermon: Walking by Faith, Not by Sight

Sermon: Parenting with Purpose

Sermon: The Power of Forgiveness


Let us look at a very important topic – The Power of Forgiveness. Forgiveness plays a big part in our Christian lives. Forgiving others is like having a magical ability to make things better when people make mistakes.

The Essence of Forgiveness

What Forgiveness Means: Forgiveness is like saying, “It’s okay” when someone does something that hurts us. It’s not holding onto anger or wanting to get back at them. The Bible teaches us that forgiving each other is super important.

Bible Verse: “Be kind and forgive others, just like God forgave you.” – Colossians 3:13

Why Holding Grudges is Heavy

When we don’t forgive, it’s like carrying a big, heavy backpack filled with anger and sadness. The Bible tells a story about forgiving, and it shows us that holding onto bad feelings doesn’t make us feel good.

God Shows Us How to Forgive

God forgives us when we make mistakes. His forgiveness is like a huge, warm hug that makes us feel better. We are supposed to forgive others in the same way. The Bible says we should be kind and forgive, just like God does for us.

Bible Verse: “Be kind and forgive others, just like God forgave you because of Jesus.” – Ephesians 4:32

The Healing Power of Forgiveness

Forgiving is like a magical medicine that helps us feel better inside. It makes our hearts happy and takes away the yucky feelings. It’s not always easy, but when we forgive, it’s like a superhero power that helps us and the other person.

Overcoming Challenges in Forgiveness

When Forgiving is a Little Hard: Sometimes, forgiving can be tough, especially when someone hurts us a lot. But the Bible tells us that if we forgive others, we’ll also be forgiven. It’s like a circle of kindness and forgiveness that makes the world a better place.

Bible Verse: “Forgive others, and you will be forgiven too.” – Luke 6:37

Extending Forgiveness to Ourselves

We also make mistakes, and it’s important to be kind to ourselves. God forgives us, and we should learn to forgive ourselves too. It’s like giving ourselves a big hug and saying, “It’s okay, we can try again.”

Bible Verse: “God forgives us and removes our mistakes far away from us, like the east is far from the west.” – Psalm 103:12


So, let’s remember this magical superpower of love called forgiveness. It’s like giving out hugs and making the world a happier place. As we understand what forgiveness means, see why holding onto bad feelings is heavy, learn from how God forgives us, feel better when we forgive, remember to forgive even when it’s hard, and give ourselves a little kindness too, we become superheroes of love. Amen.

Sermon: Overcoming Anxiety with Faith

Sermon: Parenting with Purpose

Sermon: Walking by Faith, Not by Sight


hello brethren, Trusting God and Going on a Journey with Faith is like having a friend with us all the time, even when we can’t see everything clearly. Let us see what the Bible says about faith and why this is special and how it can make our lives better.

Defining “Walking by Faith”

Trusting God is like believing that He knows the best way for us, even when we’re not sure where we’re going. It’s like holding God’s hand and walking with Him, even if we can’t see everything ahead.

Bible verse: 2 Corinthians 5:7, says, “We live by trusting God, not just by what we see.”

The Challenge of Uncertainty

Sometimes, life can be confusing, and we don’t know exactly what will happen next. Trusting God becomes really important during these times. Instead of being scared or worried, we can choose to trust that God is taking care of us.

Bible Verse: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Listen to Him, and He will show you the right way.” – Proverbs 3:5-6

Abraham: A Model of Walking by Faith

The Bible tells us about a friend named Abraham, who also went on a journey of trust with God. Even though he didn’t know where he was going, he trusted God and followed Him. We can learn from Abraham’s story about how trusting God can lead to amazing things.

Bible Verse: “Because Abraham trusted God, he went on a journey, not knowing where he was going. He showed us that trusting God is a good thing to do.” – Hebrews 11:8-10

Faith as the Key to Pleasing God

The Bible says that trusting God makes Him happy. It’s like when we believe that God is there and that He helps us when we need it. When we trust God, it makes our friendship with Him even stronger.

Bible Verse: “To make God happy, we need to trust Him and believe that He rewards us when we seek Him with all our hearts.” – Hebrews 11:6

Overcoming Fear with Faith

Sometimes, we feel scared because we don’t know what will happen. But trusting God helps us say goodbye to fear.

A special Bible verse, Isaiah 41:10, says, “Don’t be scared; I am with you. I will help you and give you strength.” Trusting God takes away our fear and gives us courage.

Faith’s Reward: A Closer Relationship with God

Trusting God is not just about going on a journey; it’s about becoming closer friends with Him. Even when things are tough, our trust in God grows, and we get to know Him better. The journey of trust might not always be easy, but it brings us closer to our special friend, God.


So, let’s remember that we can trust God and go on a journey with faith. It’s like having a good friend with us, helping us when we’re not sure. As we learn to trust God when things are confusing, follow the example of our friend Abraham, make God happy with our trust, say goodbye to being scared, and become closer friends with God, our journey becomes more exciting and meaningful. Amen.

Sermon: Grace Abounds

Sermon: Parenting with Purpose

Sermon: The Joy of Salvation


Salvation means to be saved, or delivered, from the result of sin—eternal death. It’s like a special gift from God that makes us feel super happy. Let us talk about why this gift is so good and how it changes our lives.

Why We Need Saving

Sometimes, we do things that aren’t so good, and it makes us feel far away from God. But God doesn’t want us to stay feeling like that. He has a plan to save us and bring us close to Him.

Bible Verse: “Everyone makes mistakes, but God’s gift is that He saves us and makes us right with Him because of Jesus.” – Romans 3:23-24

God’s Amazing Gift

The cool thing about salvation is that we don’t have to do anything special to get it. It’s like a big present from God. He gives it to us because He loves us so much, not because we did something to earn it.

Bible Verse: “God’s gift to us is so amazing. We don’t have to do anything to get it; He just gives it because He loves us a lot.” – Ephesians 2:8-9

How Salvation Changes Us

When we accept God’s gift, something awesome happens – we become new and better people. It’s like getting a fresh start. The joy of salvation transforms our hearts and helps us live better lives.

Bible Verse: “When we believe in Jesus, we become completely new. The old things are gone, and everything becomes fresh and new!” – 2 Corinthians 5:17

Being Friends with God Again

Before, our mistakes kept us away from God, but with salvation, we become friends with Him again. We don’t have to be afraid or feel far away. We can talk to God, and He listens and helps us.

Bible Verse: “Because of Jesus, we are friends with God again. We don’t have to be scared; God is always with us.” – Romans 5:10

Sharing the Happy News

The joy of salvation is so good that we want to tell everyone about it! God wants us to share this happy news with others, so they can feel the joy of salvation too.

Bible Verse: “Tell everyone the happy news and help them become friends with God too. We can show others how awesome God’s gift is.” – Matthew 28:19-20


So, let’s be super happy about God’s gift of salvation. It’s like the best present ever! As we understand why we need saving, accept God’s amazing gift, experience the changes in our lives, become friends with God again, and share this happy news with others, we can live with lots of joy. God’s love is the coolest thing ever! Amen.

Sermon: Grace Abounds

Sermon: Fear Not

Sermon: Fear Not


Let us look at the topic, Fear not. In the Bible, God often tells us not to be afraid, and we will understand why these words are so important. Life can be tricky, but God’s message of “Don’t Be Scared” is like a big hug, offering us courage and hope.

The Important Message:

When God says, “Don’t Be Scared,” it’s like a friend comforting us. It’s not just advice; it’s a strong and loving command. God wants us to feel safe and know that He is there for us.

Bible Verse: “Don’t be scared, because I am with you. I will make you strong and help you.” – Isaiah 41:10

Understanding the Roots of Fear

We all feel scared sometimes, and that’s okay. It happens when we don’t know what’s going to happen or when things seem tough. God understands our feelings, and He doesn’t want us to carry our fears alone.

Bible Verse: “When I feel scared, I trust God. He helps me not to be afraid.” – Psalm 56:3

Knowing God is Always with Us

God promises to be with us, like a friend who never leaves. This is a big part of why we don’t have to be scared. We can count on God to give us strength, comfort, and support whenever we need it.

Bible Verse: “God says, ‘Be strong and brave. Don’t be scared, because I will be with you wherever you go.'” – Joshua 1:9

Letting God Take Care of Everything

Sometimes, we feel scared because we can’t control everything. But God is in charge of everything, and we can trust Him. When we understand that God is in control, it helps us feel peaceful and safe.

Bible Verse: “Be still and know that I am God. I will take care of everything.” – Psalm 46:10

Having Faith to Overcome Fear

God wants us to have faith, which means trusting Him even when things are tough. When we have faith, it’s like a superpower that helps us believe everything will be okay, no matter what.

Bible Verse: “Faith means being sure about what we hope for and knowing that God is there even if we can’t see Him.” – Hebrews 11:1


So, let’s remember this important message from God: “Don’t Be Scared.” With God by our side, we can face anything with bravery and hope. As we understand why we feel scared, know God is always with us, let Him take care of everything, and have faith, we can live without fear. God’s love is like a big, comforting hug that helps us be strong and happy. Amen.

Sermon: Fostering Hope in Times of Despair