ALERT: Calendar for 2024

The Seventh Day Adventist Church is an organized denomination that runs almost the same program worldwide. They may live and worship in far-flung places, but the 21 million Seventh-day Adventists worldwide are not only a faith community—they’re a family.

But finding a sense of togetherness can be difficult. One way Adventists can promote community across time zones is by celebrating special emphasis days and events together. The Adventist Church’s calendar of Special Emphasis Days and Events not only encourages unity, it also helps raise awareness of key issues, such as abuse prevention, family and religious freedom.

Adventist Church leadership invites you and your church to join your global family in celebrating these emphasis days and events.


January 2023

January 7: Day of Fasting and Prayer
January 11-21: Ten Days of Prayer (Download Material)
January 14: Health Ministries
January 21: Religious Liberty Day

February 2023

February 4: Reach the World: Personal Outreach – Offering: Newbold College (100% to Newbold)
February 11-18: Christian Home and Marriage Week

March 2023

March 4: Women’s Day of Prayer
March 11: Adventist World Radio – Offering: Adventist World Radio/Hope Channel
March 18-25: Youth Week of Prayer
March 18: Global Youth Day/Children’s Day
March 25: Christian Education

April 2023

April 1: Day of Fasting and Prayer
April 1: Youth Spiritual Commitment
April 8: Friends of Hope Day (Visitor’s day) Mission Promotion World Mission – Offering: Adventist Mission Emphasis (100% to GC)
April 15-21: Literature Evangelism Rally Week
April 15: World Impact Day for distribution of Missionary Book
April 22: Possibility Ministries Day

May 2023

May 6-27: Drug Awareness Month
May 6: Reach the World: Using Communication Channels
May 13: Reach the World: In the Community – Offering: Disaster and Famine Relief (100% to TED)
May 20: Global Adventurer’s Day
May 27: World Day of Prayer for Children at Risk

June 2023

June 03: Reach the World: Bible Study, Sabbath School and Correspondence Courses
June 10: Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day
June 17: Reach the World: Nurture and Reclaiming
June 17: Adventist Church World Refugee Day

July 2023

July 1: Day of Prayer and Fasting
July 8: Missions Promotion World Mission-  Offering: World Mission Budget (100% to GC)
July 15: Reach the World: Media Ministry
July 22: Children’s Sabbath

August 2023

August 5: Global Mission Evangelism
August 12: Reach the World: Church Planting
August 19: Education Day
August 26: enditnow Day
August 26: Lay Evangelism

September 2023

September 3-9: Family togetherness Week
September 9: Family Togetherness Day of Prayer
September 9: Mission Promotion Unusual Opportunities – Offering: World Mission Budget (Unusual Opportunities – 100 % GC)
September 16: Pathfinder Day
September 23: Sabbath School Guest Day

October 2023

October 7: Day of Prayer and Fasting
October 7: Adventist Review Subscription Promotion
October 14: Pastor Appreciation Day
October 21: Adventist Heritage and Spirit of Prophecy
October 28: Creation Sabbath

November 2023

November 4-11: Week of Prayer
November 11-17: e-Week of Prayer for Youth and Young Adults
November 11: Offering: Annual Sacrifice (Global Mission 100% GC)
November 18: World Orphans-Vulnerable Children Day
November 25: HIV/AIDS Awareness

December 2023

December 2: Stewardship
November 9: Health Emphasis