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Sabbath School Guest Day – Program Suggestion

Sabbath School Guest Day - Program Suggestion

Sabbath School Guest Day is a special event in Seventh-day Adventist church. It’s an opportunity to invite friends, family, and community members to experience the fellowship and spiritual growth that Sabbath School offers. Here’s a suggested program for Sabbath School Guest Day:

Theme: “Get a suitable theme”

1. Welcome and Registration (15 minutes)

  • Set up a registration table with name tags and welcome packets for guests.
  • Greeters should warmly welcome attendees as they arrive and assist with registration.

This is the first point of contact for guests. Set up a registration table with friendly volunteers who can assist guests in signing in, provide them with name tags, and hand out welcome packets. These welcome packets may include information about the church, the day’s program, and a small gift to make guests feel appreciated.

2. Opening Song and Prayer (10 minutes)

  • Start the program with an uplifting hymn and an opening prayer.

Start the program with a joyous and spiritually uplifting hymn to set the mood. Follow it with an opening prayer to invoke God’s presence and blessings on the gathering.

3. Icebreaker Activity (15 minutes)

  • Conduct an icebreaker activity to help everyone get to know each other. You can use simple games or discussion questions related to the theme.

Icebreakers are crucial to help break the initial awkwardness and encourage interaction among attendees.

4. Sabbath School Lesson (30 minutes)

  • Begin the regular Sabbath School lesson study. Choose a lesson that is engaging and relevant to newcomers.

Conduct the regular Sabbath School lesson study during this time. Choose a lesson that is not overly complex and is suitable for newcomers. Encourage active participation and discussion.

5. Testimonials (15 minutes)

  • Invite members to share brief personal testimonies about how Sabbath School has impacted their spiritual journey.

Members can share brief stories of their spiritual growth and how being part of Sabbath School has contributed to their faith journey. Personal testimonies can be very powerful and relatable for guests.

6. Special Music or Choir Performance (10 minutes)

  • Include a musical performance or a choir presentation to add a touch of inspiration to the program.

A musical performance, solo, or choir presentation adds a spiritual dimension to the program. Choose songs that resonate with the theme and inspire worship.

7. Guest Speaker (20-30 minutes)

  • Invite a guest speaker or a respected member of the church to deliver a short sermon or inspirational talk. Focus on the theme of building connections with God and others.

Inviting a guest speaker, such as a pastor or experienced church member, can provide fresh insights and perspectives. The speaker should tie their message into the theme of building stronger connections with God and each other

8. Sabbath School Resources (10 minutes)

  • Briefly introduce newcomers to available Sabbath School resources, such as study guides, online materials, and discussion groups.

Briefly introduce newcomers to the available Sabbath School resources. Explain how to access study guides, online materials, and how to join or form Sabbath School discussion groups.

9. Q&A Session (15 minutes)

  • Open the floor for questions and answers. Encourage guests to ask questions about the Sabbath School program and its relevance to their spiritual journey.

Open the floor for questions. Allow guests to ask about anything related to the Sabbath School program, church activities, or spirituality in general. Be prepared to provide informative and reassuring answers.

10. Closing Song and Benediction (10 minutes)

  • Conclude the program with a meaningful hymn and a closing prayer.

Conclude the program with a spiritually uplifting hymn that reinforces the theme. Offer a closing prayer to send everyone off with a sense of peace and blessing.

11. Fellowship and Refreshments (30 minutes)

  • Provide light refreshments and encourage attendees to mingle and get to know each other better.

After the formal program, provide light refreshments. Encourage guests to interact with church members in a relaxed setting. This fellowship time can help build connections.

12. Information Booth (Ongoing)

  • Set up an information booth where guests can learn more about the church, upcoming events, and how to get involved.

Set up an information booth or table where guests can learn more about the church, its ministries, upcoming events, and how to get involved. Volunteers should be available to answer questions.

13. Follow-Up Plan (Ongoing)

  • Develop a follow-up plan to stay connected with the guests after the event. This could include sending thank-you notes, inviting them to future Sabbath School classes, or connecting them with church members who share their interests.

Have a strategy in place to follow up with guests after the event. This could include sending thank-you notes for attending, inviting them to upcoming events, connecting them with members who share their interests or spiritual journey, and providing contact information for further inquiries.

Remember to make guests feel welcome and valued throughout the program. Encourage members to engage with newcomers and foster a sense of community. Additionally, adapt the program to suit the size and preferences of your congregation.

Sabbath School Guest Day Program

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