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Sermon: Trusting God in Uncertainty

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Today, we’re talking about something we all face , “Trusting God When Things Are Unsure.” Life can be a bit tricky, and sometimes we’re not sure what’s going to happen. Let’s learn together about how we can trust God, find peace, and feel secure even when things are unclear.

Knowing Things Can Be Uncertain

Life has moments when we’re not sure about things. Plans change, unexpected stuff happens, and the future might seem a little confusing. The first thing to do when trusting God in uncertainty is to realize that not knowing everything is okay.

Bible Verse: “Trust God with your whole heart, and don’t rely only on what you understand. In everything you do, follow Him, and He will guide your path.” – Proverbs 3:5-6

Remembering Who God Is

Even when things are unsure, we can trust God because He doesn’t change. He’s always loving and knows everything. Understanding that God is like this helps us feel secure, even when everything around us seems uncertain.

Bible Verse: “I am the Lord, and I never change. So, you don’t need to worry, because I am always with you.” – Malachi 3:6

Talking to God and Letting Go

Trusting God means talking to Him, like talking to a friend. When things are uncertain, we can tell God how we feel and ask for His help. Letting go of our worries and letting God take care of them brings a special kind of peace.

Bible Verse: “Don’t worry about anything. Instead, talk to God about everything. Tell Him what you need, and thank Him for all He’s done. Then you’ll feel peace, even if you don’t understand why.” – Philippians 4:6-7 IV.

Believing God’s Plan Is Good:

Trusting God also means believing that His plan, even when we don’t get it, is always good. Even if things seem confusing, we can trust that God knows what’s best for us.

Bible Verse: “God’s plans are not like ours. His ways are higher and better. Trust that His plan is always good.” – Isaiah 55:8-9

Remembering God’s Help in the Past

When we’re not sure about the future, thinking about how God helped us before makes our trust in Him stronger. Remembering His goodness in the past helps us feel more confident about facing uncertainties now.

Bible Verse: “I will remember all the good things God has done. I’ll think about His miracles and remember how powerful He is.” – Psalm 77:11-12


Trusting God when things are unsure is like having a strong anchor for our souls. By understanding that uncertainties are normal, remembering who God is, talking to Him, believing His plan is good, and recalling His help in the past, we can trust Him even when life seems a bit uncertain. Let’s walk together with God, knowing that His love is our constant and sure foundation. Amen.

Trusting God in Uncertainty

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