How well do you know the bible? Can you say that you know up to 80 percent of Bible characters? Here are 10 riddles to test your knowledge of Bible characters. Score yourself after the test and remember no cheating.

Test Your Bible Knowledge with these 10 Riddles

  1. I don’t consider myself as a great person or a worrier, but I made history by killing a very powerful and great captain with the nail from my tent and a hammer. I became popular simply because he asked for water, I gave him milk. I used my left hand to hold the nail and my right hand to hold the hammer and I smote him. WHO AM I?
  2. I was a good person, I love to fellowship with God’s children. On one faithful day as the sermon was going on, I fell asleep and I fell from a third story building. Miraculously I was brought back to life by the preacher. WHO AM I?
  3.  I was the finest among the men in my kingdom and I was the third son of a very popular king even though he hated me because I killed my brother. I tried to overthrow my father but i failed. WHO AM I?
  4.  I am a man who loved God with all my heart. My son was the oldest man that ever lived but he is dead and am not. WHO AM I?
  5.  My story is a sad one, I was a good man, a God fearing man. Something very bad happened to me when I tried to prevent the ark of God from falling. WHO AM I?
  6. I am a servant of a very popular man of God who refused to collect priceless gift from a man he healed. However, I had to run after the man and collected all the treasures, though my life was not the same after I collected the gifts. WHO AM I?
  7. I am daughter of Phanuel from the tribe of Asher, a “prophetess” who met the infant Jesus and his parents in the temple and recognized him as the Messiah. WHO AM I?
  8. I am a God fearing man who was selected by eleven great men of God to replace a man who betrayed his own master. WHO AM I?
  9. My son is a major prophet in the Bible, he wrote the book of Isaiah. WHO AM I?
  10. I am the third king to rule Israel and the tenth son of my father. WHO AM I?[AdSense-A]



  • Jael Judges 4:17-22; 5:6, 24-27
  • Eutychus Acts 20:9
  • Absalom 2 Samuel 3
  • Enoch Genesis 5: 21, 22
  • Uzzah 6: 3-7
  • Gehazi 2 Kings 4, 5
  • Anna Luke 2:36
  • Matthias Act 1: 26
  • Amoz Isaiah 1:1
  • Solomon 1 Kings 1,2,3,4…

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