A 46 years old construction worker from East China, Zhu Zhongfa, ingested the eggs of the parasite Taenia solium, better known as the pork tapeworm, from his dinner.

More than 700 tapeworms were found in a man’s body, including his brain and lungs, a month after eating uncooked pork, according to Daily Mail.

Zhu Zhongfa, 46, ingested the eggs of the parasite Taenia solium – better known as the pork tapeworm – from his dinner.

When he went to hospital, he was foaming from the mouth and lost consciousness, local reports said.

Doctors said the worm larvae had entered the man’s body through his digestive system and then made their way to his brain through the bloodstream.

Symptoms such as chronic headaches, blindness, seizures and dementia followed but may not appear for years after ingesting the eggs.

Dr Huang Jianrong from the Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, ordered brain and chest MRI scans.

It is still unclear whether the man identified only as Zhu will suffer any long-term effects from the tapeworm infection.