The book of Exodus is the second book of the Bible and it covers the departure of the Israelites from Egypt. Exodus quiz for youth will show how much you know the book of Exodus. Although it was designed for youths, adults are also free to participate.

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Exodus quiz questions:

1. Who was traditionally credited with the writing of the first five books of the Bible?

2. What were the names of the Hebrew midwives helping the Hebrew women during childbirth?

3. Who named Moses?

4. What is the name of Moses’ first son?

5. Where did Moses see the burning bush?

6. In Genesis 4, who said ‘Go, and I wish you well?

7. Who said  “Who is the Lord, that I should obey him and let Israel go? I do not know the Lord and I will not let Israel go.”?

8. Whose staff turned to a snake?

9. What is the First plague?

10. What is the second plague?

11. The Plague of Hail happened after what plague?

12. What was the 9th plague?

13. What is the last plague?

14. What meal must be eaten inside the house

15. why did God did not lead the children of Israelites on the road through the Philistine country?

16. After the first plague was put upon Egypt, how long did it last?

17. What is the specific name of the land God promised to the Israelites?

18. Where did Moses receive the Ten Commandments?

19. What name did Moses give to the place where he got water out of a stone?

20. How many chapters are in the book of Exodus?

21. To where did Moses flee after killing the Egyptian?

22. What materials was baby Moses’s basket made out of?

23. Moses and Aaron were explicit in their instruction to the Israelites with respect to the very first Passover meal. What were the people to do with any food leftover after the meal?

24. What is the seventh commandment?

25. If a Hebrew was sold into slavery in order to pay a debt, how many years was the maximum he had to serve?

26. Where did Moses first call forth water from a rock?

27. Where did Moses lead the people after they crossed through the parted waters of the Red Sea?

28. When Moses left Egypt, what did he carry with him to fulfill a solemn oath that had been made 430 years earlier?

29. By blowing a fierce wind, into which body of water did the Lord drive the locusts?

30. Who did Moses command to do the following: “Pick out some men to go and fight the Amalekites tomorrow. I will stand on top of the hill holding the stick that God told me to carry.”?

31. How many curtains of fine linen were made for the tabernacle, according to Exodus chapter 26?

32. In order to set him free, Moses’ birth mother placed him in a small ark and sent him floating down the river. What was her name?

33. After being delivered from slavery in Egypt, the Israelites spent forty years in the desert. During this time a great event happened at Mount Sinai. What was this event?

34. Who said to Moses: “You are not doing it the right way. You will wear yourself out and these people as well. This is too much for you to do alone.”?

35. In what chapter of Exodus do the people make a golden calf?

36. What is the meaning of Gershom in English?

37. Much work had to be done to prepare the tabernacle of God. In Chapter 31, whom did God appoint over the workmanship of all the things constructed from the furniture to the ark of the covenant?

38. What did the Lord provide to the grumbling Israelites besides Manna?

39. Moses and the Israelites escaped from the Egyptians by parting a sea. What was this sea called?

40. The last verse of Exodus is Exodus 40:38. What is the last word in this verse in the King James Version?


1. Moses

2. Shiphrah and Puah (1v15)

3. Pharoah’s daughter (2v10)

4. Gershom (2v22)

5. Horeb, the mountain of God. (3v1)

6 Jethro (4v18)

7. Pharaoh (5v2)

8. Aaron (7v10)

9. The Plague of Blood (7v14-22)

10. The Plague of Frogs (8v1-12)

11. The Plague of Boils (9v8-10)

12. The Plague of Darkness (10v12-29)

13. The Plague on the Firstborn (11)

14. Passover meal (12v43-46)

15. When Pharaoh let the people go, God did not lead them on the road through the Philistine country, though that was shorter. For God said, “If they face war, they might change their minds and return to Egypt.” (13v17)

16. 7 days (7v25)

17. Canaan (6v4)

18. Mt. Sinai

19. Massah (17v7)

20. 40

21. Land of Midian (2v15)

22. bulrushes, slime, and pitch (2v3)

23. Burn it with fire (12v10)

24. You shall not commit adultery (20v14)

25. Six years  (21v2)

26. Horeb (17v6)

27. Desert of Shur (15v22)

28. The bones of Joseph (13v19)

29. Red Sea (10v19)

30. Joshua (17v9)

31. 10 (26v1)

32. Jochebed  (6v20)

33. Moses received the Ten Commandments (24v12)

34. Jethro  (18v17)

35. Chapter 32

36 Stranger (2v22)

37. Bezaleel

38. Quail (16v13)

39. The Red Sea

40. journeys

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