The main purpose of this week of prayer is to encourage you to be faithful to the Lord and the teachings of the Word, which call you to be present in the lives of others by blessing them. I did ask myself about “why should I go?” And the Lord impressed me with some answers to the reasons why I should go:

Why should I go, Lord?
Because I’m blessed since you came to me first.
Why should I love, Lord?
Because I’m loved since you loved me first.
Why should I give, Lord?
Because it was you who gave it all to me first at the cross.
Why should I be faithful, Lord?
Because you showed me faithfulness first.
Why should I forgive, Lord?
Because I was forgiven for all my sins and trespasses by you first.
Why should I give it all, Lord?
Because I received all that I have from you first

-Andrés J. Peralta, Associate Youth DirectorGeneral Conference