The purpose of this 2022 Youth Week of Prayer prepared by the General Conference Youth Ministries department is to encourage you to get to know our Heavenly Father on an even deeper level and living out a life that is pleasing to God

2022 Global Youth Day with the titled “Loving the Forgotten” is centered on demonstrating how much we love and miss those we haven’t seen in a while. Jesus was a pure example of loving everyone around him, even those that maybe society or even the church had forgotten about and perhaps neglected. We are always so excited to see the wonderful projects you get done on GYD and we always pray that your love for service will continue even past this global event.

1. Sabbath: The Whole Truth in One Book, 11
2. Sunday: The Real Superhero, 17
3. Monday: True Star Wars, 23
4. Tuesday: Beauty and the Beast:
The True Story, 29
5. Wednesday: True and False Worship, 35
6. Thursday: The True Seal of God, 41
7. Friday: The Real Alien Invasion, 47
8. Sabbath: The True Gospel, 53