Hurray! It is 2023, It is time to dive into another interesting Sabbath School Lesson. What a privilege to be able to study our Bible and the Adult Bible Study Guide in a small group setting and make the wonderful biblical instructions practical for our spiritual experience.

The theme of 1st quarter lesson in 2023 is: Managing for the Master: Till He Comes (1st Quarter 2023)

Download materials for Sabbath School Study Guide, First Quarter 2023

Contents and Introduction:

Lesson 1: Part of God’s Family—December 31–January 6

Lesson 2: God’s Covenants With Us—January 7–13

Lesson 3: The Tithing Contract—January 14–20

Lesson 4: Offerings for Jesus—January 21–27

Lesson 5: Dealing With Debt—January 28–February 3

Lesson 6: Laying Up Treasure in Heaven —February 4–10

Lesson 7: Unto the Least of These —February 11–17

Lesson 8: Planning for Success—February 18–24

Lesson 9: Beware of Covetousness—February 25–March 3

Lesson 10: Giving Back—March 4–10

Lesson 11: Managing in Tough Times—March 11–17

Lesson 12: Rewards of Faithfulness—March 18–24