Sabbath School Lesson study is an important part of sabbath school. It gives creates avenue for study during worship. RealTime Faith is about God’s kingdom of grace and being a recruited agent (steward, citizen) of that kingdom. These lessons are about God’s kingdom of grace and being a recruited agent (steward,citizen) of that kingdom.
There is a battle going on between God’s kingdom and the kingdom of evil. Being citizens of God’s kingdom requires action. We can’t just listen to what Jesus asks of us;we are to do it (James 1:22) if we want to be effective citizens of the kingdom on this earth.
The first lesson of each quarter covers a different section of Jesus’ sermon on the mount, which is “at once Christ’s inaugural address as King of the kingdom of grace and also the constitution of the kingdom” (The Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary, vol. 5, p. 322).
After the first lesson of each quarter the rest of the lessons are about the different challenges,
rights, or privileges in the “real time” of being a citizen of God’s kingdom. A Christian never knows what he or she will be encountering next.

This second quarter sabbath school lesson study is titled Lifestyle of the kingdom minded..

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