Lesson study is an important aspect of sabbath school in the Seventh day Adventist church which involves the use of beginner study guide for babies. The beginner lesson study is focused on grace, service, worship and community.
A general rule applying to the beginner child is: seat children so their feet easily
touch the ground. For children under 18 months use walkers (without wheels).
To better understand beginner children, ages birth through 2 years, it is helpful
to note characteristics of their growth and development.

• Vary greatly in their physical development
• Are growing rapidly
• Tire easily
• Cannot sit still for long

• Have an attention span of only one or two minutes
• Learn by active involvement and imitation rather than by instruction
• Learn best one ministep at a time
• Focus attention on what they see and/or touch

• Are extremely egocentric—cen-tered in themselves
• Fear separation from parents
• Cry easily—one crying child sets other children crying
• Express their needs by crying—the crying usually stops when the child’s needs are met.
• Become attached to adults who show love and acceptance of them

• Sense attitudes of respect, joy, and anticipation in connection with church, the Bible, and Jesus
• Can identify pictures of Jesus and lisp His name

Beginner lessons ministers to children ages birth through 2 years.
Download Beginner Study Guide for sabbath school, Second Quarter 2023 .




Lesson 1- April

Lesson 2- May

Lesson 3 – June