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Sabbath School

Primary Sabbath School Lesson, 3rd Quarter 2023 – Download Material(PDF)

primary sabbath school lesson 4th quarter material

Primary sabbath school lesson 3rd quarter 2023 is divided into community, service and worship. Sabbath school is usually fun for children in primary class that is filled with activities that they learn and enjoy.

Furthermore, sabbath school is one of the segment of worship in the Seventh Day Adventist church. Primary class is for children aged 5 to 9. The class session is divided into 4.

Also, the Readiness Activities give the students a reason to want to learn the lesson. This section appeals to imaginative learners, who ask, “Why should I learn this?”

Then children are made to understand that they belong to God’s family. Some of the lessons related to community includes ‘A song of praise sung by the red sea’, Josiah leads a great revival’, Josiah leads a celebration’.

Also, they learn that people are attracted to God through the lives of other people. Some of the lessons related to service in this quarte includes ‘ Esther is chosen to be queen’, Esther gives a banquet.

Furthermore, they learn that God is praised in our time of worship. Sabbath school lessons include ‘Satan tempts Jesus’, Paul writes to Timothy.

Primary sabbath school lesson



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