Welcome to this quarter’s Sabbath School lesson! This lesson is an opportunity for us to delve deeper into the teachings of the Bible and discover valuable insights for our spiritual growth. Together, we will explore meaningful topics, gain a better understanding of God’s Word, and reflect on how it applies to our lives.

Sabbath School is more than just a study session; it is a time of fellowship and community. As we engage in thoughtful discussions and share our perspectives, we learn from one another and grow together in our faith journey. It is a time to ask questions, seek answers, and deepen our relationship with God and one another.

Throughout this lesson, we will discover timeless truths, relevant principles, and practical guidance from the Bible. Each week presents a new opportunity for personal reflection, group discussions, and practical applications. As we study and contemplate these important lessons, let us approach them with open hearts and minds, ready to be transformed by the truth.

Remember, Sabbath School is a safe and supportive environment where everyone’s contributions and insights are valued. Together, let us embark on this exciting journey of discovery, growth, and spiritual enrichment. May this Sabbath School lesson be a source of inspiration, encouragement, and transformation as we seek to apply God’s Word to our lives and live out our faith in meaningful ways.

Sabbath School Lesson 3rd Quarter (3rd Quarter 2023)
Title: Ephesians

Sabbath School Lesson, 3rd Quarter 2023 – Download Material (PDF)

Contents and Introduction:

Lesson 1 – Paul and the Ephesians: June 24–30, 2023

Lesson 2 – God’s Grand, Christ-Centered Plan: July 1–7, 2023

Lesson 3 – The Power of the Exalted Jesus: July 8–14, 2023

Lesson 4 – How God Rescues Us: July 15–21, 2023

Lesson 5 – Horizontal Atonement: The Cross and the Church: July 22–28, 2023

Lesson 6 – The Mystery of the Gospel: July 29–August 4, 2023

Lesson 7 – The Unified Body of Christ: August 5–11, 2023

Lesson 8 – Christ-Shaped Lives and Spirit-Inspired Speech: August 12–18, 2023

Lesson 9 – Living Wisely: August 19–25, 2023

Lesson 10 – Husbands and Wives: Together at the Cross: August 26–September 1, 2023

Lesson 11 – Practicing Supreme Loyalty to Christ: September 2–8, 2023

Lesson 12 – The Call to Stand: September 9–15, 2023

Lesson 13 – Waging Peace: September 16–22, 2023

Lesson 14 – Ephesians in the Heart: September 23–29, 2023

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