Dive into the stories of remarkable women in the Bible with our interactive quiz. These women’s narratives showcase courage, wisdom, faith, and resilience, leaving an indelible mark on history and faith. From Eve to Mary Magdalene, this quiz takes you on a journey through time, celebrating the women in the bible who shaped the biblical narrative. Whether you’re a seasoned scholar or new to scripture, this quiz about women in the bible offers a chance to learn, reflect, and uncover verses that bring these stories to life. Let’s celebrate the lives of these inspiring women as we embark on a journey of discovery together. Are you ready to explore the world of biblical heroines? Let’s begin the quiz and unveil the captivating stories of women who’ve left a lasting legacy.

Question on women in the bible

1.Who was the first woman created by God?

2.Which woman was known for her exceptional faith and hospitality to angels?

3.Who was the brave Hebrew midwife who defied Pharaoh’s orders to kill Hebrew baby boys?

4.This judge and prophetess led Israel to victory against the Canaanites. Who was she?

5. Which woman’s loyalty to her mother-in-law led her to become an ancestor of King David?
6.Who was the Queen of Persia who risked her life to save her people from extermination?

7.She was the mother of Samuel and dedicated him to the Lord’s service. Who was she?

8. Which woman was healed by touching the hem of Jesus’ garment due to her faith?

9.Who was the business woman from Thyatira known for her hospitality and conversion by Paul?

10. This woman was a prominent teacher and leader in the early Christian church. Who was she?

11. Which woman was a close friend of Jesus and chose to sit and listen at His feet as a disciple?

12.Who was the mother of John the Baptist and a relative of Mary, the mother of Jesus?

13.This woman was known for her wisdom and visited King Solomon to test his knowledge. Who was she?

14.Who was the woman who cut off the hair of a mighty warrior, leading to his downfall?

15. She was a Canaanite woman who displayed great faith and had her daughter healed by Jesus.

16.This woman was a prophetess who praised God upon seeing the baby Jesus at the temple.

17. Who was the mother of twins, Esau and Jacob, and a central figure in Genesis

18. Who was the woman that tried to seduce Joseph but was resisted?

19. Who was the woman who provided shelter for the spies sent by Joshua to Jericho?

20. This woman was the mother of John Mark and was known for her hospitality to early Christians.

21.She was the wife of Nabal and later became the wife of David after Nabal’s death.

22. Who was the woman who stood by the cross of Jesus during His crucifixion?

23. Who was the mother of King Solomon and the wife of King David?

24.This woman was known for her strength and courage and defeated the commander of the Canaanite army.

25. Who was the mother-in-law of Ruth and guided her in her relationship with Boaz?

26. She was a prophetess and judge who led Israel to victory against the Canaanites.

27. Who was the woman who brought food to the prophet Elijah during a time of famine?

28.This woman was known for her beautiful and wise sayings in the book of Song of Solomon.

29. Who was the mother of Samson and was visited by an angel before his birth?

30. She was the wife of Isaac and is known for her beauty and for drawing water at the well.

31. This woman was the mother of Timothy and is mentioned in the New Testament as a faithful believer.

32. This woman was a deaconess in the early Christian church and known for her acts of charity. Who was she?

33. Who was the woman who was healed by Jesus and later became a follower of His teachings?

34. Who was the widow who demonstrated great faith when she offered her last bit of food to Elijah?

35.She was a Christian woman in Rome known for her service to the church and Paul’s commendation.

36. She was the mother of Miriam, Aaron, and Moses, and a key figure in the Exodus story.

37. Who was the sister of Lazarus and Martha, known for anointing Jesus’ feet with perfume?

38. This woman was the mother of Jesus’ disciple James the Less and followed Jesus during His ministry.

39. Who was the sister of Joseph?

40. Who was the wife of Moses?

Answers on women in the bible quiz

1.Eve Genesis 2:21-22

2.Answer: Sarah Hebrews 11:11-12, Genesis 18:1-15

3. Shiphrah (and Puah) Exodus 1:15-21

4. Deborah Judges 4-5

5. Ruth Book of Ruth

6. Esther Book of Esther

7. Hannah 1 Samuel 1-2

8. The woman with the issue of blood Matthew 9:20-22, Mark 5:25-34, Luke 8:43-48

9.Lydia Acts 16:11-15

10. Priscilla (Prisca) Acts 18, Romans 16:3-5

11. Mary of Bethany (sister of Martha and Lazarus) Luke 10:38-42, John 11:1-44, 12:1-8

12.Elizabeth Luke 1:5-25, 39-80

13. The Queen of Sheba 1 Kings 10:1-13, 2 Chronicles 9:1-12

14. Delilah Judges 16

15. The Canaanite Woman (Syrophoenician woman) Matthew 15:21-28, Mark 7:24-30

16. Anna Luke 2:36-38

17. Rebekah Genesis 25-27

18. Potiphar’s Wife Genesis 39

19.Rahab Joshua 2, 6:17-25

20. Mary (Mother of John Mark) Acts 12:12-17

21. Abigail 1 Samuel 25

22. Mary Magdalene Matthew 27:55-56, Mark 15:40-41, John 19:25

23. Bathsheba 2 Samuel 11-12, 1 Kings 1-2

24. Jael Judges 4-5

25. Naomi Ruth 1vs2

26. Deborah Judges 4-5

27. The Widow of Zarephath (unnamed) 1 Kings 17:8-24

28.The Shulammite Woman (believed to be a representation of Solomon’s bride) Song of Solomon

29. Manoah’s Wife (unnamed) Judges 13

30. Rebekah Genesis 24

31. Eunice 2 Timothy 1:5

32. Dorcas (also known as Tabitha) Acts 9:36-42

33.Mary Magdalene Luke 8:2, Mark 16:9

34. The Widow of Zarephath (unnamed) 1 Kings 17:8-24

35. Phoebe Romans 16:1-2

36. Jochebed Exodus 2:1-10

37.Mary of Bethany John 11:1-44, 12:1-8

38. Mary, wife of Clopas (also known as “Mary the mother of James and Joseph”) Matthew 27:56, Mark 15:40

39. Diana

40. Zipporah

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