The enditnow Emphasis Day holds a place on the global church calendar. General Conference Women’s Ministries (GCWM) manages the creation and dispersal of enditnow Emphasis Day resource packets. These materials are developed with input from six other co-sponsoring General Conference departments: Children’s Ministries, Education, Family Ministries, Health Ministries, Ministerial Association, and Youth Ministries.

This year’s enditnow Emphasis Day centers on “Deceptive Figures Among Believers: When Professed Followers of Jesus Cause Harm.” Both the Old and New Testaments liken God’s people to sheep, the believers to a flock, and our Lord to the Shepherd. However, our churches consist of imperfect individuals, leaving room for a potential wolf in sheep’s or shepherd’s guise. While we might associate abuse with violence, none of the instances discussed in the sermon involve physical harm. None of the “targets” resisted the mistreatment or even identified it as such at the time. Nevertheless, the power imbalance led to a violation in each case.