Sabbath School Lesson for primary is a lesson designed for children who are in the primary school age range, typically from around 6 to 10 years old. The curriculum for Sabbath School Primary is tailored to meet the needs and understanding of these young children. It often includes:

Bible Stories: Children are taught age-appropriate Bible stories to help them learn about important characters, events, and teachings from the Bible.

Memory Verses: Children are encouraged to memorize Bible verses to help them hide God’s Word in their hearts.

Interactive Activities: Sabbath School Primary classes often incorporate games, crafts, and interactive activities to engage children and reinforce the lessons.

Songs and Singing: Music is an essential part of many Sabbath School Primary classes, with songs and hymns that are easy for young children to sing along with.

Prayer: Children are taught the importance of prayer and are often given the opportunity to pray during the class.

Character Development: Lessons may also focus on developing positive character traits and values based on biblical principles.

Fellowship and Social Interaction: Building friendships within the church community is encouraged, and children are given opportunities to interact and share with their peers.

Enjoy the sabbath school lesson for primary class


Lesson 1- October 7

Lesson 2- October 14

Lesson 3- October 21

Lesson 4- October 27

Lesson 5- November 4

Lesson 6-November 11

Lesson 7-November 18

Lesson 8- November 25

Lesson 9- December 2

Lesson 10 – December 9

Lesson 11- December 16

Lesson 12 – December 23

Lesson 13-December 30