As we approach the Week of Prayer 2024, a powerful theme resonates: “Show Up: In the Cities.” It’s a rallying cry for the youth to actively engage and make a profound impact within our urban landscapes.

Youth Week of Prayer 2024 – March 16-23

Day 1: Does God Love Your City?
Day 2: Transforming Cities: Following the Example
of Jesus
Day 3:Facing Loneliness in Your City
Day 4: Facing Depression in Your City
Day 5: Facing Illness in Your City
Day 6: Facing Hopelessness in Your City
Day 7: Facing Fear in Your City
Day 8: Lifting the Fallen in Your City

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This Week of Prayer is an opportunity for the youth to lead change. Engage with your community, celebrate diversity, and embrace the chance to make a difference.
Volunteer, advocate, and pray together, envisioning cities filled with compassion and equality