Beginners sabbath school lesson is for children between zero months to two years of age. Basic needs of children within this class includes


  • Food
  • Warmth
  • Shelter
  • Power—to make choices and
    follow plans
  • Emotional
  • A sense of belonging
  • Approval and recognition
  • Expressions of unconditional love
    and acceptance
  • Freedom within defined
  • Humor—a chance to laugh
  • An all-knowing, loving, caring God
  • Forgiveness of wrongs and a
    chance to start over
  • Assurance of acceptance with God
  • Experience in prayer, answers to
  • A chance to grow in grace and in
    the knowledge of God

To better understand beginner children, ages birth through 2 years, it is helpful
to note characteristics of their growth and development.

  • Vary greatly in their physical development
  • Are growing rapidly
  • Tire easily
  • Cannot sit still for long
  • Have an attention span of only one or two minutes
  • Learn by active involvement and imitation rather than by instruction
  • Learn best one ministep at a time
  • Focus attention on what they see and/or touch
  • Are extremely egocentric— centered in themselves
  • Fear separation from parents
  • Cry easily; one crying child sets other children crying
  • Express their needs by crying (the crying usually stops when the child’s needs are met)
  • Become attached to adults who show love and acceptance of them
  • Senses attitudes of respect, joy, and anticipation in connection
    with church, the Bible, and Jesus
  • Can identify pictures of Jesus and lisp His name
  • Will fold hands (briefly) for the blessing before meals and kneel
    (again briefly) for prayer

The lessons are divided into three

  1. Grace: Grace is God’s love for us
  2. Worship: We praise God for His loving actions.
  3. Community : Community means loving one another.

Lesson 1 teaches that God made our beautiful world because
He loves us. This lesson is for the month of January.

Lesson 2 teaches us to thank God for His loving care for us.

Lesson 3 reminds us that, ideally, family members love each other.

Beginners sabbath school lesson



Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Leson 3

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