10 plagues of Egypt bible quiz questions and answers for youth programs contains questions about Moses and how he was sent by God to Pharaoh to let go of the children of Israel.

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10 plagues of Egypt bible quiz questions

1.What was the first plague that God sent upon Egypt?

2.Which plague involved frogs covering the land of Egypt?

3.What was the third plague, where the dust turned into gnats or lice?

4. Who served as the spokesperson for Moses and confronted Pharaoh during the plagues

5. During which plague did God make a distinction between the Israelites and the Egyptians?

6. How many plagues were there in total?

7. Which plague saw swarms of flies filling the houses of the Egyptians?

8. What was the fifth plague that affected the livestock of Egypt?

9. How many days did the darkness last during the ninth plague?

10. Which plague caused painful boils on the skin of both people and animals?

11. What did God command the Israelites to do during the first Passover to protect their households from the tenth plague?

12. What was the seventh plague, involving hail and fire mixed together?

13. Which plague covered Egypt in a thick darkness for three days?

14. What was the last and tenth plague that led to the freedom of the Israelites?

15. How did Pharaoh respond to the plagues, particularly after each one?

16. What was Pharaoh’s initial response when Moses and Aaron first requested the release of the Israelites?

17. Which plague caused the death of the fish in the Nile River?

18. What was the purpose of the plagues according to the Bible?

19. What was the impact of the plagues on the magicians of Egypt

20. After the tenth plague, how did Pharaoh respond to the departure of the Israelites?


1… The first plague was the turning of the Nile River into blood. Exodus 7:17-21

2.The second plague was the invasion of frogs. Exodus 8:1-6

3.The third plague was the plague of gnats. Exodus 8:16-19

4. Moses’ brother, Aaron, served as his spokesperson. Bible Reference: Exodus 7:1-2

5. The tenth plague, where the firstborn of the Egyptians died, but the Israelites were spared. Exodus 11:4-7, 12:11-13

6. 10

7. The fourth plague was the plague of flies. Exodus 8:20-24.

8. The fifth plague was a pestilence that killed the livestock. Exodus 9:1-7.

9. The darkness lasted for three days. Exodus 10:21-23

10. 10. The sixth plague was the plague of boils. Exodus 9:8-12

11. They were instructed to slaughter a lamb and mark their doorposts with its blood. Exodus 12:21-23

12. Plague of hail

13. The ninth plague was the plague of darkness. Exodus 10:21-23

14. The tenth plague was the death of the firstborn, and the Israelites were instructed to mark their doorposts with the blood of a lamb to be spared. Exodus 12:29-30

15. Pharaoh initially hardened his heart and refused to let the Israelites go after each plague, despite the increasing severity. It wasn’t until the tenth plague that he finally allowed them to leave.

16. Pharaoh refused, and he made the Israelites’ labor even more difficult. Exodus 5:1-2, 5:6-9

17. The first plague, where the Nile turned into blood, also resulted in the death of the fish. Exodus 7:17-21

18. The plagues were a demonstration of God’s power and a means to compel Pharaoh to release the Israelites from slavery. Exodus 7:3-5, 9:14-16

19. Initially, the magicians were able to replicate some of the plagues, but they eventually admitted defeat during the later plagues. Exodus 7:22, 8:7, 8:18-19, 9:11

20. Pharaoh finally allowed the Israelites to leave, and he urged them to leave quickly. Exodus 12:31-32, 12:33-34