Where are the dead? This is an important question that has been begging for answers due to different Biblical interpretation. Some teach that the dead are already in Heaven with Jesus, some believe they are in the space somewhere while others believe they are in the grave till the resurrection day.

We will be looking at several questions concerning the state of the dead with answers from the Bible.

Q1. What is death

Death is defined as the act of passing away, the end of life.

Q2. How did man become a living soul?

Genesis 2:7

Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.

Q3. Where does the spirit and the dust go when one dies?

Ecclesiastes 12:7

and the dust returns to the ground it came from, and the spirit returns to God who gave it.

Q4. What did Jesus call death?

John 11:11-14

11 This He said, and after that He said to them, “Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep; but I go, so that I may awaken him out of sleep.”
12 The disciples then said to Him, “Lord, if he has fallen asleep, he will recover.”
13 Now Jesus had spoken of his death, but they thought that He was speaking of literal sleep.
14 So Jesus then said to them plainly, “Lazarus is dead,

Q5. How long will they sleep there?

“So man lies down, and rises not: till the heavens be no more, they shall not awake, nor be raised out of
their sleep.’ Job 14: 12.

Q6. Is the Spirit that returns to God, conscious?

Ecclesiastes 9:5

For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing; they have no further reward, and even their name is forgotten.

Psalm 146:4

When their spirit departs, they return to the ground; on that very day their plans come to nothing.

Q7. Do the dead remember anything?

Psalm 6:5

For the dead do not remember you. Who can praise you from the grave?

Ecclesiastes 9:5, 6, 10

5. The living at least know they will die, but the dead know nothing. They have no further reward, nor are they remembered.
6. Whatever they did in their lifetime—loving, hating, envying—is all long gone. They no longer play a part in anything here on earth.
10. Whatever you do, do well. For when you go to the grave, there will be no work or planning or knowledge or wisdom.

Q8. Can the dead praise God?

Psalm 115:17

“The dead praise not the Lord, neither any that go down into silence.”

Q9. Are the righteous dead in heaven?

Acts 2:34

“For David is not ascended into the heavens.”

Q10 When will the righteous rise from their sleep (Death) ?

1 Thessalonian. 4: 16.
“For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the Archangel, and with
the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first.”

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