The book of Obadiah is one of the twelve books of the minor prophets in the old testament. The bible quiz for youth below will show how much you know about the book of Obadiah. Although it was designed for youths, adults are also free to participate.

Check out the answers immediately after the questions. Share your results in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share with your friends!


1. How many chapters are in the book of Obadiah?

2. The book of Obadiah talks about which people?

3. The book of Obadiah gives warning to the Isrealites. True or False?

4. According to Obadiah 1vs2, the Lord promised to make Edom small among the nations. True or False?

5. What is the meaning of Obadiah?

6. The Edomites are from the lineage of Jacob. True or False?

7. According to Obadiah 1vs10, Why will Edomites be covered with shame?

8. The day of the LORD is near for all ______.

9. Upon which mount will there be deliverance?

10. What deceived the Edomiotes?

11. What bird was mentioned in 1 verse 4?

12. According to verse 19, who will occupy the mountains of Esau?

13. How will the house of Esau be destroyed, according to verse 18?

14. Who will possess the towns of the Negev?

15. This company of Israelite exiles who are in _______ will possess the land as far as Zarephath.

16. The people of Edom were told that their deeds will return upon their ______.

17. Zion will be _____ According to Obadiah 1vs17.

18. According to Obadiah 1vs18, There will be no survivors from ______.

19. Benjamin will possess ________.

20. Edom will be the _______.


1. 1

2. Edomites

3. False

4. True

5. Servant/worshipper of the Lord

6. False, Esau

7. Because of the violence against your brother Jacob.

8. nations 1vs15

9. Zion 1vs17

10. pride of the heart

11. Eagle

12. People from the Negev

13. With fire

14. the exiles from Jerusalem who are in Sepharad 1vs20

15. Canaan 1vs20

16. Their head

17. Holy

18. Esau

19. Gilead 1vs19

20. Lord’s