Hymns are special songs that people sing during worship, and they have been an important part of religious traditions for a long time. Hymn writers are the people who create these songs, and their words and melodies have touched the hearts of many. In this discussion, we will explore the lives and songs of different hymn writers. From the classic hymns written by Isaac Watts and Charles Wesley to the modern ones by Stuart Townend and Chris Tomlin, we will learn about the people behind these meaningful songs. Join us as we discover the hymns that have brought comfort and inspiration to people for generations.

Here are names of prominent hymn writers and their popular hymns

  1. Isaac Watts (1674-1748):
    “Joy to the World”
    o “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross”
    o “O God, Our Help in Ages Past”
  2. Charles Wesley (1707-1788):
    o “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”
    o “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today”
    o “And Can It Be That I Should Gain”
  3. Fanny Crosby (1820-1915):
    o “Blessed Assurance”
    o “To God Be the Glory”
    o “Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior”
  4. John Newton (1725-1807):
    o “Amazing Grace”
    o “Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken”
    o “How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds”
  5. William Cowper (1731-1800):
    o “There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood”
    o “God Moves in a Mysterious Way”
    o “O for a Closer Walk with God”
  6. John Henry Newman (1801-1890):
    o “Lead, Kindly Light”
    o “Praise to the Holiest in the Height”
    o “Firmly I Believe and Truly”
  7. Horatio Spafford (1828-1888):
    o “It Is Well with My Soul”
    o “When Peace, Like a River”
    o “There Shall Be Showers of Blessing”
  8. Robert Robinson (1735-1790):
    o “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing”
    o “Mighty God, While Angels Bless Thee”
    o “Jesus, I Come”
  9. Charlotte Elliott (1789-1871):
    o “Just As I Am”
    o “Thy Will Be Done”
    o “Christian! Seek Not Yet Repose”
  10. Thomas Ken (1637-1711):
    o “Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow” (Doxology)
    o “Awake, My Soul, and with the Sun”
    o “All Praise to Thee, My God, This Night”
  11. Philip Bliss (1838-1876):
    o “It Is Well with My Soul” (co-written with Horatio Spafford)
    o “Hallelujah, What a Savior!”
    o “Wonderful Words of Life”
  12. Stuart Townend (Born 1963):
    o “In Christ Alone” (co-written with Keith Getty)
    o “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us”
    o “The Power of the Cross”
  13. Keith Getty (Born 1974):
    o “In Christ Alone” (co-written with Stuart Townend)
    o “By Faith”
    o “Speak, O Lord”
  14. Frances Ridley Havergal (1836-1879):
    o “Take My Life and Let It Be”
    o “Like a River Glorious”
    o “I Am Trusting Thee, Lord Jesus”
  15. John Mason Neale (1818-1866):
    o “Good Christian Men, Rejoice”
    o “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”
    o “All Glory, Laud, and Honor”
  16. John P. Kee (Born 1962):
    o “Jesus Is Real”
    o “Stand”
    o “Lily in the Valley”
  17. Chris Tomlin (Born 1972):
    o “How Great Is Our God”
    o “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)”
    o “Good Good Father”
  18. Isaac B. Woodbury (1819-1858):
    o “Just Over in the Gloryland”
    o “Sweet By and By”
    o “Whispering Hope”
  19. Thomas Dorsey (1899-1993):
    o “Precious Lord, Take My Hand”
    o “Peace in the Valley”
    o “There Will Be Peace in the Valley for Me”
  20. Keith Green (1953-1982):
    o “O Lord, You’re Beautiful”
    o “There Is a Redeemer”
    o “Create in Me a Clean Heart

Hymn writers have made a big impact with their songs that we sing during worship. Their words and music have touched the hearts of many people and helped them connect with their faith. From the old hymns by Isaac Watts and Charles Wesley to the newer ones by Stuart Townend and Chris Tomlin, these writers have created songs that bring comfort and inspiration. Their music continues to be loved and sung by people all over the world.
The hymns written by these talented individuals have the power to uplift our spirits and bring us closer to our beliefs. They provide a way for us to express our feelings, find solace, and come together in worship. The songs they have created are timeless and have a special place in our hearts.
As we sing these hymns, let us remember and appreciate the hymn writers who have given us these beautiful songs. Their work has left a lasting legacy that continues to impact our lives. Through their words and melodies, we are reminded of the importance of music in our spiritual journey and how it can bring us closer to our faith and to one another.