Isaac bible quiz questions and answers is a good source of knowledge about the life of the patriarch Isaac. He was an exceptional young man when he willingly submitted to his father’s obedient act to slaughter him for God. Isaac revealed his depth of understanding and faith in God’s master plan.

In this bible quiz, we embark on a journey through the pages of the Old Testament to explore the life and legacy of Isaac, the “laughter” that he brought into a world defined by divine covenants and intricate family dynamics.

Although it was designed for youths ,adults are free to participate. Share with your friends and family.

Isaac Bible Quiz Questions

1.Who were Isaac’s parents?
a) Abraham and Sarah
b) Jacob and Rachel
c) Adam and Eve
d) Moses and Miriam

2. Isaac had two sons. What were their names?
a) Jacob and Esau
b) David and Solomon
c) Cain and Abel
d) Joseph and Benjamin

3. What event is Isaac best known for in the Bible?
a) Building the Ark
b) Parting the Red Sea
c) Offering as a sacrifice
d) Leading the Israelites out of Egypt

4. Isaac’s mother was known for her beauty and was taken into the harem of a foreign king. Who was this king?
a) Pharaoh of Egypt
b) King Solomon
c) King David
d) King Saul

5. What did Isaac sow in the land of Gerar, which reaped a hundredfold harvest?
a) Wheat
b) Barley
c) Grapes
d) Lentils

6. Who deceived Isaac to receive his father’s blessing intended for Esau?
a) Esau
b) Rebekah
c) Jacob
d) Laban

7. Isaac lived to be a very old man. How old was he when he died?
a) 70 years old
b) 120 years old
c) 180 years old
d) 250 years old

8. How old was Abraham when Isaac was given birth to?


b) 1OO

c) 99

d) 80

9. What is the meaning of Isaac?

a) Dancing

b) Weeping

c) laughter

d) sleeping

10. Rebekah was Isaac’s cousin. True or false?

11. What was the name of Isaac brother in law?

a) Laban

b) Naboth

c) Jethro

d) Esau

12. How old was Isaac when he married Rebekah?

a) 33

b) 42

c) 40

d) 41

13. What did Isaac do on behalf of his barren wife?

a) prayed

b) danced

c) sent her away

d) nothing

14. Isaac loved _________ more.

a) Jacob

b) Esau

c) Israel

d) David

15.When there was a famine in the land, where did Isaac go to find food and shelter?

a) Gerar

b) Gilead

c) Canaan

d) Uz

16. Who did Isaac bless when he was old and blind, thinking it was Esau ?

a) James

b) Jacob

c) John

d) Joseph

17. How did Esau react when he discovered that Jacob had received the blessing intended for him?

18. How did God confirm His covenant with Isaac?

19. What notable event occurred when Isaac dug a well in Beersheba?

20. How many sons did Isaac have?


1. a) Abraham and Sarah Gen 21vs2

2. a) Jacob and Esau Genesis 25:24-26

3. c) Offering as a sacrifice Genesis 22:2-3

4. a) Pharaoh of Egypt Genesis 12:14-15

5. b) Barley Genesis 26:12

6. b) Rebekah Genesis 27:6-10

7. c) 180 years old Genesis 35:28-29

8. B. 1OO Gen 21vs5

9. C. laughter

10.True Gen 22

11. A. Laban Gen 24vs29

12. C.40 Gen 25vs20

13. A. prayed Gen 25vs21

14.B. Esau

15. A. Gerar, the land of the Philistines. 26vs1-3

16. B. Jacob Isaac blessed Jacob, thinking he was Esau, due to the deception by Rebekah and Jacob. Genesis 27:27-29

17. Esau was filled with anger and planned to kill Jacob. Genesis 27:41

18.God confirmed His covenant with Isaac through a blessing and the promise of making his descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky. Genesis 26:3-4 (NIV)

19. Isaac’s servants dug a well in Beersheba, and there was a dispute over it with the shepherds of Gerar. Isaac named the well “Esek” because of the contention.

20. 2