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Noah Bible Quiz Questions and Answers for Youth Programs

Noah Bible Quiz Questions

The Noah bible quiz questions and answers below will help to build your knowledge as a Christian. Noah was the son of Lamech and was known in the bible for his show of trust in God. He exhibited patience when he was asked to build an ark by God.

Also, Noah was found holy in a sinful word and he allowed God to use him. There are lots more to know about Noah in the quiz below.

How well do you know about Noah? Take the bible quiz questions below to test your knowledge. Do well to share with your friends and family.

Noah Bible Quiz Questions

1. Who was the father of Noah?

A. Lamech

B. Jacob

C. Abraham

2. The sons of Noah are Shem, Ham, and _________.

A. Enoch

B. Japheth

C. Job

3. According to Genesis 6vs8, who found grace in the eyes of the Lord?

A. Moses


C. Noah

4. Noah made an ark of _________ wood.


B. Gopher

C. Oat

5. What was the measurements of the length and breadth of the ark in cubits respectively built by Noah?

A. 300,50

B. 400,100

C. 50, 250

6. How many of each kind of animal did Noah take into the Ark?

A. 3

B. 2

C. 1

7. How long did the rain continue during the flood?

A. 40 days and 40 nights

B. 25 days and 25 nights

C. 30 days and 30 nights

8. How old was Noah when the floodwaters came upon the earth?

A. 500

B. 700

C. 600

9. How many days did the flood waters prevailed after the flood?

A. 150 days

B. 40 days

C . 50 days

10. What bird did Noah sent to check if the water has dried up?

A. Owl

B. Raven

C. Parrot

11. What leaf did the dove return back with as a confirmation that the waters had dried up?

A. Olive

B. Bitter leaf

C. Lemongrass

12. How long did Noah and his family stay in the Ark during the flood?

A. 110 days

B. 60 days

C. 30 days

13. What did Noah build immediately after leaving the Ark?

A. built an altar and offered sacrifices to God.

B. Went farming

C. Went to look for his friends

14. After the flood, what sign did God place in the sky as a covenant with Noah and all living creatures?

A. Burning bush

B. Rainbow

C. Snow

15. How many people were in the ark?

A. 10

B. 7

C. 8

16. Which mountain did the ark rest?

A. Mount Everest

B. Mount Sinai

C. Mount Ararat

17. For how long did Noah live?

A. 950

B. 960

C. 970

18. What did Noah plant after the flood?

A. Vines

B. Apple

C. Cassava

19. Which of the sons of Noah saw his nakedness?

A. Seth

B. Ham

C. Japheth

20. Noah was the grandfather of Canaan. True or False?

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1.A. Lamech Gen 5vs30

2. B. Japheth Gen 5vs32

3. C. Noah

4. B. Gopher Genesis 6vs14

5. A. 300,50 Gen 6vs15

6. B. 2 6VS19

7. A. 40 days and 40 nights Gen 7vs12

8. C. 600 Gen 7vs6

9. A. 150 days Gen 8vs3

10. B. Raven 8vs7

11. A. Olive 8vs11

12 A. 110 days Gen 8vs13-14

13. built an altar and offered sacrifices to God.

14. B. Rainbow Gen 9vs13-15

15. C. 8

16. C. Mount Ararat 8vs4

A. 950 Gen 9vs29

18. A. Vines

19. B. Ham

20. True

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