The International Women’s Day of Prayer for 2024 will be holding in March 2nd. This year resource packet Ignite Your Prayer Life is written by Linda Mei Lin Koh, Ed.D., recently retired director of General Conference Children’s Ministries. The packet includes her sermon “Ignite Your Prayer Life” with a children’s story, her seminar “Five Spiritual Benefits of Prayer,” and her activity, “Women of the Bible Prayer Walks.”

Let me ask you a personal question, “How is your prayer life?” What would you respond? Would you say, “It’s on fire!” Or “It’s okay.” Or may you would be truly hones and say, “It’s dying or non-existent and needs help.” Well, whatever your answer may be, this packet is for you.

2024 International Women’s Day of Prayer

My prayer is that as you participate in this year’s International Women’s Day of Prayer that you will open your hearts and minds for the Holy Spirit to ignite a fire deep within that will
empower your prayer and devotional life and your relationships at home and abroad, your
neighborhood, your workplace, and also your church.