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Adventist World Radio – March 9, 2024 (Material)

Adventist world radio

Imagine learning about God through a message in a bottle! That’s exactly what happened to a devout Muslim in Israel, who found a bottle containing a flyer for Adventist World Radio’s video Bible study series.

It made him curious, so he, his wife and their 10 children decided to watch. His daughter Sarah
gasped during one of the videos. She’d recently started having dreams where she was learning
about the Bible, and she exclaimed to her family, “The woman in this video is saying exactly
what the man in my dream told me!” After watching these videos, the entire family decided to
get baptized.

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God is using Adventist World Radio’s many broadcasts and platforms to reach people previously deemed “impossible to reach”—including assassins! Today, we invite you to partner with AWR in this vital ministry.

On March 9, just mark your offering envelope “AWR,” or give directly by clicking on a button below:

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