Seventh-Day Adventist Elder’s Handbook

Seventh-Day Adventist Elder’s Handbook

The work of Seventh-Day Adventist elders is unique among church leaders. As overseers, they are responsible for everything that is related to the work of the church. As such, the training and directing of elders fall under the Ministerial Association. Because elders work closely with people in all aspects of the church, this handbook includes material from representatives of each department.

The work of elders in the Seventh-day Adventist church is extensive and varied. Some churches are large, requiring leadership over thousands of members. Other churches are small, serving a few members, who are sometimes scattered over a large area. In such churches, pastoral services are usually limited, and the elder provides not only leadership, but, in consultation with the pastor, also arranges for regular preaching responsibilities. This handbook has been prepared to assist elders in understanding their calling, and to train them in their leadership role in the church.

Adventist Elder’s Handbook is very important for all elders.

Global Youth Day 2024 – March 16

Global Youth Day 2024 – March 16

From its inception in 2013, Global Youth Day (GYD), had at its core salvation, discipleship, and mission. We are still committed to that vision and hope that all the youth and young adults who participate in this outreach will realize that Global Youth Day is not just about what they are doing, but also why they do what they do. This year we are bringing a fresh approach to make Global Youth Day a more mission-focused outreach initiative for young people.


The focus for GYD in 2024 will be on the cities. Young people and their leaders are encouraged to prayerfully consider community projects that are practical, relevant, and sustainable for their cities. These are some of the projects that young people could consider: blood drive, health projects (screening etc.), cleaning campaigns, literature distribution, adopting homes (orphanages, old people, hospices etc.), providing skills training for the youth…

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Global Youth Day 2024 – March 16

Youth Week of Prayer 2024 – March 16-23 (PDF)

As we approach the Week of Prayer 2024, a powerful theme resonates: “Show Up: In the Cities.” It’s a rallying cry for the youth to actively engage and make a profound impact within our urban landscapes.

Youth Week of Prayer 2024 – March 16-23

Day 1: Does God Love Your City?
Day 2: Transforming Cities: Following the Example
of Jesus
Day 3:Facing Loneliness in Your City
Day 4: Facing Depression in Your City
Day 5: Facing Illness in Your City
Day 6: Facing Hopelessness in Your City
Day 7: Facing Fear in Your City
Day 8: Lifting the Fallen in Your City

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This Week of Prayer is an opportunity for the youth to lead change. Engage with your community, celebrate diversity, and embrace the chance to make a difference.
Volunteer, advocate, and pray together, envisioning cities filled with compassion and equality

Christian Home and Marriage Week – Feb 10-17, 2024

Christian Home and Marriage Week – Feb 10-17, 2024

Christian Home and Marriage Week will take place on February 10-17, 2024.

The Family Ministries Resource Book is an annual resource organized by the General Conference Adventist Family Ministries with input from the world field to provide Family Ministries leaders in divisions, unions, conferences, and local churches around the world with resources for the special family emphases weeks and Sabbaths.

Within this Resource Book you will find sermon ideas, seminars, children’s stories as well as leadership resources, reprinted articles, and book reviews to help facilitate these special days and other programs you may want to implement during the year. In Appendix A you will find useful information that will assist you in implementing family ministries in the local church


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Adventist Health Emphasis Day – Suggested  Program

Adventist Health Emphasis Day – Suggested Program

Adventist Health Emphasis Day is a special day observed within the Seventh-day Adventist Church, a Protestant Christian denomination. The Seventh-day Adventist Church often designates specific days throughout the year to focus on various health-related themes and promote overall well-being.

Adventist Health Emphasis Day typically highlights the importance of health, wellness, and healthy living based on the principles outlined in the church’s teachings. It serves as an opportunity for members of the Seventh-day Adventist community to learn more about health-related topics, emphasize the connection between physical health and spirituality, and encourage healthy lifestyles.

During this day, congregations may organize events, seminars, workshops, health screenings, fitness activities, and discussions centered around health, nutrition, exercise, mental health, and other relevant topics. The emphasis is often on preventive health measures and lifestyle choices that align with the church’s teachings on holistic well-being.

Each year, the specific focus or theme of Adventist Health Emphasis Day may vary, but the overarching goal remains promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle among church members and the wider community.

Here’s a suggested program outline for Adventist Health Emphasis Day within a Seventh-day Adventist Church:

Check out this Sermon: The Spiritual Practice of Silence and Stillness

Suggested Program

Title: Adventist Health Emphasis Day – “Nurturing Wholeness: Mind, Body, and Spirit”

Opening Session (Morning):

Welcome and Introduction

    • Introduce the purpose and significance of the day.
    • Emphasize the connection between health and spirituality.

    Prayer for Wholeness

    • A communal prayer focusing on health and wellness.

    Keynote Address: “The Importance of Holistic Health”

    • Invite a health professional or a knowledgeable speaker to discuss holistic health, emphasizing mind, body, and spirit.

    Interactive Workshop Sessions:

      • Break into smaller groups for workshops or seminars on various health-related topics:
        • Nutrition and Healthy Eating Habits
        • Stress Management and Mental Health
        • Physical Fitness and Exercise Routines
        • Importance of Rest and Sleep

      Healthy Snack Break:

      • Provide nutritious snacks and refreshments, promoting healthy eating choices.

      Mid-Day Activities:

      Health Fair or Exhibition:

      • Set up booths or stations showcasing health-related information, screenings (if possible), and demonstrations.
      • Topics could include blood pressure checks, BMI measurements, healthy cooking demos, etc.

      Lunch Break:

      • Offer a healthy lunch option or encourage attendees to bring nutritious meals to share.

      Afternoon Session:

      Music and Worship

      • Incorporate music and hymns centered around health, healing, and gratitude.

      Panel Discussion/Q&A Session: “Living a Wholesome Life”

      • Invite a panel of health experts, pastors, and community members to discuss practical ways to implement healthier habits in daily life.
      • Encourage audience participation through Q&A.

      Closing Remarks and Commitment to Health

      • Encourage attendees to make commitments to improve their health habits.
      • Provide resources, handouts, or information about ongoing health programs or support groups within the church.

      Closing Prayer and Benediction

      Additional Suggestions:

      • Consider involving health professionals from the community or within the congregation to lead workshops or discussions.
      • Incorporate interactive elements such as group exercises, mindfulness activities, or healthy recipe sharing to engage participants.
      • Promote a supportive and encouraging atmosphere, emphasizing that small lifestyle changes can make a significant impact on overall health.

      Adapt this suggested program to suit the specific needs and resources of your congregation, aiming to create an informative, engaging, and inspirational Adventist Health Emphasis Day event.

      2023 Stewardship Revival Week: November 25-December 2 (PDF)

      2023 Stewardship Revival Week: November 25-December 2 (PDF)

      Adventist Stewardship Revival Week is an annual event observed by the Seventh-day Adventist Church that focuses on the concept of stewardship. Stewardship, in this context, refers to the responsible management and utilization of resources, including time, talents, finances, the environment, and more, as a reflection of one’s gratitude to God.

      During Stewardship Week, which is typically held in early November, Seventh-day Adventists emphasize the biblical principles of stewardship and its relevance to everyday life. The week often involves various activities, sermons, seminars, workshops, and outreach programs aimed at educating church members about the importance of stewardship and encouraging them to apply these principles in their lives.

      The week might highlight topics such as financial responsibility, environmental conservation, health and wellness, volunteering, and giving back to the community. The aim is to inspire individuals to reflect on their blessings and consider how they can utilize their resources in ways that honor God and benefit others.

      Each year, the focus and specific activities during Adventist Stewardship Week might vary, but the overarching goal remains consistent: to promote a culture of mindful and purposeful stewardship among Seventh-day Adventists and within their communities.

      2023 SRW will take place from November 25th to December 2nd 2023. The theme is God First.

      The GodFirst Stewardship Revival Week is an annual initiative of the GC Stewardship Ministries to invite the global membership to renew their commitment to God as stewards.

      Stewardship Revival Week For Adult (PDF)

      Stewardship Revival Week For Children (PDF)

      For Adult SRW (PowerPoint)

      2023 SRW Day 1

      2023 SRW Day 2

      2023 SRW Day 3

      2023 SRW Day 4

      2023 SRW Day 5

      2023 SRW Day 6

      2023 SRW Day 7

      2023 SRW Day 8