September 28, 2019 – Pastor Jackson

Some of us are passing through a time of great distress. Though we buckle up and stand straight, smile and act as if all is well, yet we are depressed. That constant feeling of not meeting up, of insufficiency and failure often adds to the frustration.

No matter what happens, I have come to understand through God’s word that no one has it all, just looking at others alone; shouts out this reality, that there is always someone better than the one who is good and so on. There is nothing new under the sun.. That pain that cuts through your heart is something you don’t have to carry alone.

You may be sick, you may be facing some hard times and feeling a deep sense of guilt because of your sins and failures. You might even be feeling unfortunate, because of where you are right now but know this, there is another in a worse condition. But in all this, hope, fragile but never dying hope is what God calls us to possess. Never give up, keep holding on, you will smile again. Know that God cares and He understands.

Sabbath Jollof is served.