Rape has a history that almost equaled the history of man’s creation. It is on record that the first recorded incidence of rape in the Bible was in the Book of Genesis.

In Nigeria, the offense of rape is a heinous crime and the drafters of the Criminal Code deemed it fit for life imprisonment upon conviction.

Despite all these, rape in Nigeria seems to be on the increase and the question on every lip is, what is the way forward.

First of all, thieves, rapists, and other psychos will always be there. What will should focus on is how to avoid them.

We live in a world where we have a lot of psychos and they will be around till Christ comes. For example, I live in Warri, Delta state, for me to stay safe, I have to avoid night movements. The only time I have encountered armed robbers in Warri was when I was out till 9pm.

What I am trying to say is that no matter how we preach, rapists will always be there and they are criminals just like armed robbers.

The best thing is to know your environment and know how to avoid them. You as a girl, try to avoid soft spots like lonely roads, nights and meeting up unknown guys in hotels. Don’t also move alone in a quiet/dark place.

Parents with female children should be careful the way guys (uncles, pastors, friends etc) play with their daughter and also do well to educate their male children as well.

And you guys raping girls, you will reap what you sow one day.

#AkposTalks #SayNoToRape