The book of Acts is the only biblical book that chronicles the history of the church immediately after Jesus’s ascension. As such, it provides us with a valuable account of how the church was able to grow and spread out from Jerusalem into the rest of the Roman Empire.

The bible quiz for youth below will show how much you know the book of Acts.

Check out the answers immediately after the questions. Share your results in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share with your friends!


1. Who was selected to replace Judas Iscariot?

2. Paul was a ____ maker.

3. Saul was blind for how many days?

4. Who ordered all Jews to leave Rome?

5. From Thessalonica, Paul and Silas moved to what city?

6. The disciples stayed in the Upper room for how many days

7. The Ethiopian eunuch was reading from which book?

8. Saul was from which city?

9. Aeneas was paralyzed and bedridden for how many years?

10. What is the Greek name of Tabitha?

11. Who was the wife of Ananias?

12. At Lystra Paul healed a ______ man

13. Who was the father of David?

14. Who did Peter raise from the dead?

15. How many Chapters are in the book of Acts?

16. “We must obey God rather than human beings! Who made this statement?

17. Saul ruled Israel for how many years?

18. Who was the next King after Saul?

19. “Come over to _____ and help us.”

20. David was man after God’s _____

21. Who was the man Peter stayed with in Joppa?

22. Something like what fell from Saul’s eyes and he could see again?

23. Who ordered all Jews to leave Rome?

24. What town was there an inscription ‘TO AN UNKNOWN GOD’?

25. Paul healed a girl who was a fortune teller. True or False?

26. From Troas, Paul and his companions moved to what city?

27. “Come over to _____ and help us.”

28. Timothy’s mother was Jewish. True or False?

29 Paul was stoned at what city?

30. The children of Israel stayed in the wilderness for how many years?

31. Jesus is a descendant of Jesse. True or False?

32. Who was the father of Saul?

33. Who was the first King of Israel?

34. Who was the first prophet of Israel?

35. What was the punishment of Elymas?

36. What is the meaning of Elymas?

37. Where did Paul and Saul meet Bar-Jesus?

38. who did Peter and Barnabas take with them to Jerusalem?

39. When King Herod died, he was eaten by what?

40. Blastus was a great singer. True or False?

41. King Herod arrested Peter during what Festival?

42. Who predicted about famine during the time of Claudius?

43. Where were the disciples first called Christians?

44. Who took Saul to Antioch?

45. Cornelius sent how many of his servants to get Peter?

46. Who was instructed to go to Gaza?

47. Moses had how many son(s)

48. Isaac was circumcized after how many days

49. How many deacons were chosen to serve?

50. Akeldama, means Field of what?


1. Mathias 1vs26

2. Tent 18vs3

3. 3 9vs9

4. Claudius 18vs2

5. Berea

6. 44 days 1vs3

7. Isaiah 8vs28

8. Tarsus 9vs11

9. 8 years 9vs33

10. Dorcas 9vs36

11. Sapphira 5vs1

12. Lame 14vs8

13. Jesse 13vs22

14. Dorcas 9vs40

15. 28

16. Peter 5vs29

17. 40 years 13vs21

18. David 13vs22

19. Macedonia 16vs9

20. Heart 13vs22

21. Simon a Tanner 9vs43

22. Scales 9vs18

23. Claudius 18vs2

24. Athens

25. True 16vs18

26. Samothrace

27. Macedonia 16vs9

28. False 16vs2

29. Lystra 14vs19

30. 40 13vs18

31. True 13vs23

32. Kish 13vs21

33. Saul 13vs21

34. Samuel 13vs20

35. He became blind 13vs11

36. sorcerer 13vs8

37. Paphos 13vs6

38. John Mark 12vs25

39. Worms 12vs23

40. False – Kings servant 12vs20

41. Festival of Unleavened Bread.12vs3

42. Agabus 11vs28

43. Antioch 11vs26

44. Barnabas 11vs25

45. 2 10vs7

46. Philip 8vs26

47. 3 7vs20

48. 8 7vs8

49. 7 6vs3

50. Blood 19