Primary sabbath school lesson is for kids who are from age 5 to 9 years in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. The lessons helps to train the children physically, spiritually and mentally.

Primary sabbath school lesson 1st quarter 2024 lesson covers grace, worship and community.

God’s grace. Grace is a word that helps explain God’s love in action toward people who
don’t deserve it.

Lessons one through four tell us that God has always loved us.

  • “God is love” is written upon all He made.
  • God surrounds me with His gifts of love.
  • The Sabbath is God’s special gift to us.
  • God still loves us and will forgive us if we are truly sorry when we do something

Lessons five through nine teach that we tell God we love Him by worshiping Him.

  • We worship God when we thank Him for His protection.
  • We worship God when we are reverent.
  • We worship God when we trust Him in every situation.
  • We praise God for rescuing us from sin.
  • We praise God for supplying our needs.

Lessons ten through thirteen tell us that Jesus shows us how to love one another.

  • I help others learn about Jesus when I follow His example.
  • God invites everyone to join His family.
  • Children like me are welcome in God’s family.
  • I show others Jesus’ love when I put wrongs right.

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