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Pathfinder Club: Explorer Achievement Class – Curriculum Requirement & Developed Resources (PDF)

Explorer Achievement Class is the first class in a Pathfinder Club that provide opportunities for the juniors to learn that God loves and cares for all people.

The Objectives are:

To help them to realize that Christ is the greatest revelation of God.
To encourage an awareness within the juniors that the church is interested in them as individuals.
To allow for personal growth and development through interpersonal relationships within selected
To enlarge their vision of the needs of their community and to help them find ways of attending to
these needs.
To assist them in developing a desire for achievement in all their work

General Requirements are:

  1. Be 12 years old and/or in Grade 7 or its equivalent.
  2. Be an active member of the AJY Society and Pathfinder Club.
  3. Learn or review the meaning of the Pathfinder Law and demonstrate your understanding by participating in one of the following: role play, panel discussion, essay, or prepare a project of your choice.
  4. Read the book “The Happy Path” if not previously read.
  5. Have a current Book Club Certificate and write at least a paragraph of review on each book.
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